Company Overview

Core Team

Geetika Tiwari

Chief Executive Officer

Ramanuj Dwivedi

Finance Director

Vishal Mishra

Executive Director

Durgesh Shukla

Chief Operating Officer

Anand Tripathi

Music Director

Akanksha Tiwari

Creative Director

SGD UNIVERSAL PVT LTD is an organization that is just coming into existence & beginning to display signs of future potential. Post Production, Music Video Production & Events Management Company with operations.

SGD UNIVERSAL PVT LTD Integrated Films Production, Music Production, and Event Management has been growing steadfastly and has risen to become an independent industry in itself with various segments gaining popularity.

We are focused on 5 important strategic priorities:

• Innovative content that cuts across geographies and client demographics

• Executing avant-garde Techniques to make an event memorable.

• Highest growth opportunities and options for our candidates.

• Delivering World Class Standards.

• Believing in the Uniqueness of Ones.